The Comprehensive List Of Questions To Ask At An IVF Consultation

So, you have your first consult with an IVF specialist.  Bring our  “Comprehensive List Of Questions To Ask At An IVF Consultation”, and you will be able to evaluate the major hurdles to IVF success.   If you are looking for a much shorter list, here are the 10 questions to must ask before IVF.  We’ve  developed this list after a decade of experience  with failed and successful cycles.  You’re excited, you’re a bit scared, and maybe a bit overwhelmed, but what you ask in that one hour consult will make a world of difference to your outcome.   Before you start, whether it’s your first office, or your fourth… remember nobody can guarantee you success.

If anyone guarantees you a successful pregnancy, it’s time to look for a different specialist.

When it comes to IVF, lost cycles and months will ultimately lead to never conceiving.  You will have exhausted time, money, and your relationship will be damaged.  Especially if you are older than 32, remember you are on the clock, and you don’t have time to deal with scammers.  So, what are the most important IVF Consultation Questions (questions to ask before IVF) ?

Questions To Ask At An IVF Consultation

General Questions To Ask At An IVF Consultation

  1. Will you have the same Doctor throughout an Entire Cycle ?
  2. Will a Doctor be available to answer your questions over the phone or in person as you cycle ?
  3. Are there Early and Late Office Hours, convenient for people that work, and are there weekend hours (Saturday and Sunday)?
  4. Do you perform transfers and retrievals on weekends and holidays ?
  5. Do you have any planned office closings ?
  6. How often will I need to visit the Office ?
  7. Do you allow acupuncture to be performed in the Office in support of a cycle ?
  8. Can my spouse be present for all procedures ?
  9. Will you provide me with an IVF schedule that includes both medicine and monitoring ?
  10. May I work during a cycle ?
  11. Will I be able to work after the embryo transfer, and do you expect me to be in bed ?
  12. If I get pregnant, what week will I need to transition to an obstetrician ?
  13. Will I get to choose which Doctor will do my retrieval and embryo transfer ?
  14. What percentage of your cycles result in multiple pregnancies ?
  15. How often do you see cases of hyperstimulation in your office ?
  16. When should I refrain from intercourse during the cycle ?

These IVF Consultation Questions are questions that should be asked before IVF, and will allow you to understand how the office will fit into your lifestyle, and how responsive the office is to your life outside IVF.

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